About R.D. (Bubba) Shackelford

R.D. (Bubba) Shackelford was born in Durango, Colorado, but has lived most of his life in Prescott, Arizona. He developed a passion for southwestern jewelry from looking at classic Navajo pawn pieces. He got his start as a silversmith in an offhanded way—when he asked noted Arizona traders and jewelry makers Al and Jock Favour to make him a belt buckle and they told him to “make it yourself.” With the Favours as his early mentors, Bubba was further nurtured by Bill Ford, who provided encouragement and instruction in the fundamentals of the craft. Alex and Keith Horst later taught him to cut and polish stones. Bubba assumed the heritage of not only these fine craftsmen but of all the Hispanic and Native American jewelers who had gone before. Much of Bubba’s skill was developed through trial and error and his own experimentation with innovative techniques. His work with original silver casts, hand filing, and custom stamping, as well as his mastery in working with high-quality stones, has made him a local legend in Prescott and among those who appreciate and collect exceptional handmade silver jewelry.